Typographic Design Projects

Projects I made in my typographic art class

About The Typographic Projects

These are all of the projects I made in my typographic design class. The main focus of the projects were the typography and overall layout of the designs.  First project was based on a step by step design and how the words were laid out. The second project was a poster design for an event on campus. The third design was a advocacy campaign poster and mine was based of pet abandonment and the consequences from it. The last project was a travel magazine and based on an issue for Chicago.

All of these were created in Adobe illustrator, Adobe indesign, or Adobe Photoshop. I had to search up statistics for the advocacy and magazine projects. I looked at Pinterest and images for inspiration on my mood boards.

Cord's Fight logo Project

What do I want to do with UX?

I’m open to doing many things in UX, I’m interested in doing UX for products and Websites. I want to look into UX relating to product design or other designs similar to that.