Pekin Insurance Project

Mock ups

About Pekin Insurance Project

My team and I worked with Pekin insurance in our User Research class to make mockups for online billing and their dashboard. The purpose of this project was to give us real world experience with working with clients. Every couple weeks we would have client meetings with pekin to discuss the progress of our designs and findings.

We created these mockups and prototypes using Figma. Pekin insurance provided us with their logo and colors and let us experiment with designs and layouts. We used google forms to do user surveys to find out what user expected to see on the app. We did remote testing using zoom or Skype to record the sessions.

Caterpillar Inc 2020

We were tasked to design conceptual flows that would allow for someone on a project team to create an initial job-site inclusive of a request of assets needed for a particular job-site, as well as ability to update the job-site with additional asset needs that arise during work.  

Caterpillar Inc 2019

We were tasked to redesign their log in/sign up screens and their asset configuration pages.

Hearing Aid Watch app

I designed an app that would assist a user that is hard of hearing. They would have the choice wether or not they wanted to connect an ear piece. The app is designed to alert the user of alarms or sounds around them. One component of it would give the user the direction in which the sound is coming from, while the other just vibrates the watch. Both components, while alerting the user, will give a little visual of what the sound or alarm is.

Home Accents app

I designed an app that would make the home designing process a lot easier. The goal of this app was to make the shopping experience easier for shoppers. I did user surveys to find out what users looked for in a shopping or home design app. With this information I created features that would benefit them. I tested the prototypes in sketch and got good feedback and the flow of the app.

The app allowed users to:

  • Shop at multiple store in one location
  • Test to see how the furniture would look with AR
  • Create favorites folders for different rooms
  • Get savings with coupons
  • See store locations nearby

First, the App was designed first with paper sketches.Then I utilized a program to create flowcharts on how users would navigate through the app. Finally I created the features in adobe XD and brought the mockups into Sketch to prototype.


What do I want to do with UX?

I’m open to doing many things in UX, I’m interested in doing UX for products and Websites. I want to look into UX relating to product design or other designs similar to that.