About Me

My name is Mia Restivo and i’m from Elk Grove Village IL. Im a Junior at Bradley University, studying UX Design with a minor in a graphic design. Im apart of Pi Beta Phi sorority, IL theta chapter on campus. For my whole life I’ve always been interested in going into a field related to design. After college I plan to move south or west and pursue my career there.

What do I want to do with UX?

I’m open to do many thing in UX, I’m interested in doing UX for products and Websites. I want to look into UX relating to product design or other design types similar to that. 

Types of apps I've designed in class

  • Home Design app
  • Star Gazer app
  • Pekin Insurance dashboard and online billing
  • Caterpillar assets and login redesign
  • Caterpillar assets and maintenance schedule redesign
  • Hearing aid watch app
  • Program that helps kids learn their allergies